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This Twitter Account is a Must Follow for Packer’s Fans (WARNING: This Post Contatins Dumpster Fires)

A man getting arrested with #ScannerSquawk over it.

If you’ve ever been to a Packer game at Lambeau or even tailgated there you know things get rowdy. Well Doug Schneider of the local newspaper in Green Bay, the Green Bay Press Gazette, at some point decided the police scanners at the game were too funny not to share with the world. Now every home game, Schneider live Tweets the Lambeau Field police scanners with the hashtag #ScannerSquawk.

A Tweet from a 2012 #scannersquawk by @PGDougSchneider

Whether you are from Wisconsin or not, if you enjoy people doing ridiculous things, Lambeau seems to be a hot spot while the green and gold perform. The most recent Packer home game was (11/19/17) last week. At that game there was not one, but two dumpster fires. Schneider live tweets the home games every week, so if you enjoy watching the games, you’ll enjoy following @PGDougSchneider for the “insider” updates.

Live Tweet of Lambeau security scanner.

Last week during the Ravens game the stats were one arrest, seven ejections, two dumpster fires, and apparently someone cut part of their finger off! So next time someone tells you their fans are better than Packer fans…

Ravens Vs Packers 11/19/17 Scanner Squawk Stats


Moral of the story is, if you haven’t heard of #scannersquawk, now you have. Follow Schneider on Twitter for the live security scanner updates during the next Packer home game, and be ready for a good time. Share the wonder of amputated fingers, sombreros, drunk people, and lord knows what the future holds with your friends. Thanks for reading, and please share your wild Lambeau Field experiences in the comments!

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