The local music scene is on the rise in Northeast Wisconsin. Many attribute this to the growth of large music based events for original music like Mile of Music. It seems like the roots of a music scene already existed, and have now been getting the attention necessary to grow. Cory Chisel, co founder of Mile of Music even said in an interview back in 2014 that Mile of Music was building on what is here, “which is a great local music scene.” As the scene grows and adds new talent, we’ve decided we’d find 2019’s NEW music and deliver it to your phone. Also, there’s a Wisconsin Original playlist already put together on Spotify.

Albums and Eps

7000Apart: [Debut Album] We Are More

7000Apart is a Green Bay based duo and husband and wife. The couple met at Bay Port high school in music theory class where Amelie was a foreign exchange student from Sweden. The couple started 7000Apart as a YouTube project to stay together, and really launched their music career this year with their debut album “We Are More.” It’s a 10 song album and the most popular song Blank Check has over 32,000 streams on Spotify. The duo has over 1,200 monthly listeners on Spotify, and they’ve been touring in Wisconsin, Europe, and with a St Luis based duo around the Midwest.

See 7000 Apart playing two songs from their debut album live on the Fox River in Green Bay from their Sailboat Session video we recorded with them below.

Christopher Gold: [Ep] Wilderness Years

Christopher Gold is a Kentucky born musician who has lived and performed in Appleton for over a decade. Gold’s Ep is a short, folky set of 4songs. The most storytelling-centric song being “Plane Crash Dream Song.” Gold also released a string of 17 singles on Spotify in 2019 under his group’s account “Christopher Hold & the New Old Things.”

See Christopher Gold playing two of his songs live on the Fox River in Green Bay from his Sailboat Session video we recorded with him below.

Genevieve Heyward: [Ep] The River

From Door County, Heyward released a 5 Song Ep titled the “The River.”

“The River” is the Eps Title Track and opening track. Heyward just got back from a tour in Norway and Sweden, which is interesting because 7000Apart’s Amelie is from Sweden. Maybe Wisconsin is more connected to Sweden than we think?

Substyle: [Ep] Letters

Wausau based Substyle is releasing an Ep titled “Letters” on December 14th. At this point we kind of have to leave it at that. Don’t miss it.


Kyle Megna: Taking You Back

Megna has been recording for the better part of a decade. He’s produced 12 albums in his career. The Kaukauna born artist just opened up a craft cocktail lounge in his hometown called 313 Dodge. He also released a single titled “Taking You Back.”

See it live on the Fox River below.

Tae: I’m Through

A Green Bay native, now living in Ripon. Tae has been making waves as an up and comer playing tons of live shows, and now there’s rumors she’s ready to release an album. Currently she has released a single “I’m Through.”

Franki Moscato: Aware

Oshkosh native, Franki Moscato was on the most recent season of American Idol and made it to Hollywood. This year she’s release two singles, “Aware” and “Tightrope.”

Dead Horses

Originating in Oshkosh, Dead Horses is possibly the most successful active group to come out of Northeast Wisconsin in terms of listens, views, and numbers in general. They’re now based in Milwaukee, and we’re still proud of them. Dead Horses released 3 singles in 2019. Their most recent is “Birds Can Write the Chorus.” The other two are titled “Family Tapes” and “Mighty Storm.”

Unity the Band – House is on Fire

Unity the Band is very active in Northeast Wisconsin. They’ve been together and around playing in the region for years. They currently play big and small shows all around. They just released their first single in a while, (at least on Spotify in a while,) called House is on Fire. Unity the Band has a fun, Reggae style.

Honorable Mentions

Feed The Dog: Tenderloin [2018 Album]

Feed the Dog is currently on fire in Northeast Wisconsin. With a very strong fan base, and consistently fantastic performances, Feed the Dog is currently working on another album completely self funded.

Horace Greene: The Diamond Engine [2018 Album]

Horace Greene originated in Oshkosh, and have garnered a good online following through Spotify. They currently have 1,800 monthly listeners, and their most popular single “Sunflower Silo” earned 44,000+ streams on Spotify. Horace Greene regularly plays around the Fox Valley.

Dead Horses: My Mother the Moon [2018 Album]

Released last year, My Mother the Moon is a 10 Song album with leading track “Turntable” garnering 18 million streams on Spotify.

The Wisconsin Original Playlist

Band members of Horace Greene have spent the time to curate the best music from original artists all across Wisconsin on a Spotify playlist here. You should follow the playlist, and stumble upon more creators across our great state.


It’s been amazing to see the original music scene grow in Northeast Wisconsin. Local businesses and event promoters have been extremely supportive to artists who are successfully making a living in the area. Events like Mile of Music, Oshkosh Main Street Music Festival, Rhythm & Brews, Steele Bridge Fest, and even Bazaar After Dark have been great systematic ways to bring local music to a new level. Here are some of Northeast Wisconsin’s new music in 2019. We hope you’re able to explore some of the artists, and find some tunes that you like. Did we miss any music? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author Evan Freimuth

I am a traveler, adventure seeker, and kid from Wisconsin. I founded Venture Wisconsin, and I am an entrepreneur and a UW Oshkosh graduate. Feel free to stay connected with me if you enjoy my content.


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