15 Touristy Things to do in The Fox Cities

If you live in the Fox Cities or are driving through, many people don’t give the Fox Cities credit for all the reasonably priced activities in the area! We composed a list of the more established things to do in Appleton, Menasha, Neenah, Oshkosh, and surrounding area that would interest tourists and locals alike.

1. Paper Discovery Center

The Fox River is Paper Valley! Many large corporations like Kimberly-Clark for example originated in the Fox Cites. In memory of this history, the Paper Discovery Center was developed right off the Fox River and Downtown Appleton. If you are visiting or live in the Fox Valley and want something unique to see, to bring your kid, or show a friend who is visiting, this is a unique spot.

2. Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

Head to Neenah for a unique museum experience! If you are looking for things to do in Neenah, this is one of the big attractions that is certainly a new experience. The museum has different exhibits all the time!

3. Appleton History Museum

With revolving exhibits, and the constantly evolving exhibits of Appleton’s history and Houdini, this is a great activity in the Fox Cities for any age!

4. Building for Kids

If you are looking for something to do in the Fox Cities for kids, this is the crown jewel. The Building for Kids features interactive, educational fun! Multiple stories of construction, factories, grocery stores, airplanes, play land, and more! Check it out in Appleton!

Kids learning at Building for Kids in Appleton
Kids playing at the interactive Building for Kids in Appleton. Credit: FoxCities.org

5. Hearthstone House

The Hearthstone House is a gemstone in any city. Hearthstone is the first home independently powered by hydroelectric power using the Edison System. We talk about it here as well. It is always cool to have a first in innovation, and Appleton back in the late 1800s had a lot of promise as a city. Visit the Hearthstone House to learn more about Appleton history.

6. Fox River Mall

A big local hang out spot in the Fox Cites, the Fox River Mall attracts people from all over Wisconsin. So if you are visiting for EAA, Mile of Music, or any local event, check out the mall if that is your cup of tea.

7. Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center (PAC) is a world class venue that brings tons of unique shows to the Fox Cities. World class shows like Mamma Mia, The Lion King, and The Book of Mormon come to the PAC in cycles, and it is worth checking out if you can get the opportunity.

8. Oshkosh Grand Opera House

Much like the PAC, the Grand Opera House in Oshkosh is historic and world class. Slightly smaller shows frequent “The Grand,” but there are plenty of unique and reasonably priced shows to make it worth checking out the historic theater.

9. Weis Earth Science Museum and Barlow Planetarium

If you go to the local community college you will find more than local students saving money. You will find the Weis Earth Science Museum and the Barlow Planetarium where you can find unique science exhibits and awesome seasonal light shows!

10. EAA Aviation Museum

EAA stands for Experimental Aircraft Association, and they put on the largest airshow in the country for a week! Every summer over 100,000 people come to Oshkosh for the EAA Airventure event, so you can imagine the museum is pretty special.

Inside the EAA Hangar
Part of the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, WI

11. Paine Arts Center and Gardens

With rotating art exhibits and outdoor gardens and events, “The Paine” is a great place for tourists to experience Northeast Wisconsin in a unique way! Here you will find their events and exhibits

12. Menominee Park and Zoo

Menominee Park is Oshkosh’s crown jewel as far as parks go. A huge spot of land with a lot of lake shore on Lake Winnebago. Plenty to do including the beach, trails, huge playgrounds and massive trees. The park also includes a zoo! If that’s not enough you can also rent kayaks or water bikes.

13. Take a Party Bike Ride with The Social Station

Mega bikes or party bikes are vehicles that are pedaled by a group of people. Very unique and new to the area, The Social Station offers tours, pub crawls, and exercise expeditions to anyone in Appleton! Book here.

Party Bike Group
A group after a group ride on The Social Station.

14. Oshkosh Public Museum

Across the street from The Paine Arts Center is a historic Oshkosh home near the Fox River. There exists the Oshkosh public museum with awesome changing exhibits. The Oshkosh Public Museum is a one of many reasonably priced things to do in the Fox Cities for tourists and locals alike.

15. Take a Segway Tour

Segways are cool!.. Right? Book a segway tour and learn about the local history and hotspots in Neenah, Appleton, or Oshkosh. Click here to book a tour!


The Fox Cities has many awesome resources for the public, including many outdoor things to do. For now, this will get you started for planning your next visit to Appleton, Oshkosh, or Neenah! If you want to find events, outdoor treasures, and other things to do in Appleton and the Fox Cities, follow our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. Thank you for reading and let us know in the comments if you ended up trying any of these.

One Restaurant, Indivisible with Inclusion and Pizza for All

Did you know that a brand new pizza cafe has just opened at 432B Wisconsin Ave. in Appleton? The new restaurant is called Harmony Pizza Cafe, inspired by Harmony Cafe, the awesome coffee shop that closed its doors a few years back.

The restaurant is open Thursday 5:00pm-9:00pm, and Friday and Saturday 5:00pm-10:00pm, for now. Harmony Pizza has plans to grow, but is currently developing a strong business model as the owners get the word out. They are currently building a stage for live music and an environment of inclusion for LGBT and all races, creeds, etc. in the community.

Harmony Pizza Cafe owners doing prep work
Part owners, Julia and Forrest, doing prep work for their second night of business.

Harmony Pizza offers Neapolitan pizza, and they opened their doors officially on the winter solstice December 21, 2017. Also commonly known as the day with the least sunlight each year. Part owner Julia says, “At first it wasn’t planned that way, but when it timed out, we were like, let’s do a solstice celebration.”

We were told that Harmony Pizza uses nearly all organic ingredients, with only a few exceptions. Also using nearly all local ingredients with the exception of their crust! We hope you find your way to Harmony Pizza to give this great new addition to the Appleton community a try! If you read this post and try it, please come back and leave a comment about how it went.

11 Fun Hangouts in The Fox Cities This Winter Break

NE WI Winter Activities Blog Image

If you live in Wisconsin, you’ve no doubt had a conversation and either defended or cursed the Wisconsin winter. Although we agree that the winters can get dragging and sometimes make it difficult to get out of bed, we at Venture Wisconsin know that Wisconsin winters are what you make of them. If you are looking for ways to not be bored this 2017-2018 winter season, here are some suggestions to start getting you into the season.

1. See Larry the Cable Guy

Oshkosh just built an awesome new stadium next to Lake Winnebago for their new basketball team. The benefits of that new stadium are opportunities for awesome live events. Live events like Larry the Cable Guy! Buy tickets and watch The Cable Guy live on January 27th.

2. Candlelight Hikes Through the Woods

Hike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski through Northeast Wisconsin’s landscapes via candle light. A few state parks, nature centers, and public lands are hosting candlelight hikes and walks like this through January, including: Navarino Nature CenterHartman Creek State Park, and Horicon Marsh. Check out this link for DNR sponsored candlelight walks across the state this winter.


3. Keep warm with a show at the PAC

The PAC has a few events this winter. Most notably The King and I and The Nutcracker. Either way, it’s worth checking out. Buy a friend tickets to go with you to a show this winter or plan a date night!

4. Go to the Green Bay Garden of Lights

Bring some friends to the classic Green Bay Botanical gardens for their annual Garden of Lights. It’s their 21st year of operation in Green Bay, and they have some special events this year.

5. View Christmas Lights with Your Friends

Warm up the car and take your friends on a cruise around the Fox Valley or Northeast Wisconsin in general checking out some of the awesome Christmas decorations that people work on. Go Valley Kids even made it easy, they have a list of the best lights in town here.

6. Watch a Laser Light Show at Barlow Planetarium

Barlow has a great variety of popular music and holiday based light shows. Some of the music shows include classic albums like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, or groups of artists like their Laser Tribute, which features the mega hits of music superstars of the past that have passed away. Either way, at $10, it’s a new experience to have while the weather outside is below freezing.

7. Go Ice Skating

You could skate at indoor locations like Memorial Park in Appleton, or you could head up to Green Bay and check out the new Titletown Skate Rink near Lambeau Field! The outdoor skate rink resembles something that you would see in Chicago, and is definitely worth checking out.

8. Remember Bowling?

For some people bowling is what they do. Many who aren’t in bowling leagues often don’t think of bowling when looking for things to do. The Fox Cities has a good number of bowling alleys waiting for you to visit.

Bowling. Remember how fun it is?

9. Visit the Theater

Visit one of the local movie theaters this winter and enjoy the newly updated recliners at many of the locations.

10. Go Cross-Country Skiing

Nature spots on the West side of Lake Winnebago are pretty easy to count on both hands, and many of them have cross-country skiing available. There are many more places for cross country skiing once you go east of Lake Winnebago. Here is a list to check out. We recommend the Reforestation Camp in Green Bay by the NEW Zoo.

11. Go to One of Northeast Wisconsin’s Museums

If you are stuck inside and want to get out on your day off, check out one of Northeast Wisconsin’s niche museums. Northeast Wisconsin doesn’t have much outside of the Appleton History Museum and Neville Public Museum for regular exhibit museums. NE Wisconsin does however, have many crazy weird niche museums focusing on things like paper, paper weights, airplanes, railroads, many artists, and more. For some museums you can check out this list.

This Twitter Account is a Must Follow for Packer’s Fans (WARNING: This Post Contatins Dumpster Fires)

A man getting arrested with #ScannerSquawk over it.

If you’ve ever been to a Packer game at Lambeau or even tailgated there you know things get rowdy. Well Doug Schneider of the local newspaper in Green Bay, the Green Bay Press Gazette, at some point decided the police scanners at the game were too funny not to share with the world. Now every home game, Schneider live Tweets the Lambeau Field police scanners with the hashtag #ScannerSquawk.

A Tweet from a 2012 #scannersquawk by @PGDougSchneider

Whether you are from Wisconsin or not, if you enjoy people doing ridiculous things, Lambeau seems to be a hot spot while the green and gold perform. The most recent Packer home game was (11/19/17) last week. At that game there was not one, but two dumpster fires. Schneider live tweets the home games every week, so if you enjoy watching the games, you’ll enjoy following @PGDougSchneider for the “insider” updates.

Live Tweet of Lambeau security scanner.

Last week during the Ravens game the stats were one arrest, seven ejections, two dumpster fires, and apparently someone cut part of their finger off! So next time someone tells you their fans are better than Packer fans…

Ravens Vs Packers 11/19/17 Scanner Squawk Stats


Moral of the story is, if you haven’t heard of #scannersquawk, now you have. Follow Schneider on Twitter for the live security scanner updates during the next Packer home game, and be ready for a good time. Share the wonder of amputated fingers, sombreros, drunk people, and lord knows what the future holds with your friends. Thanks for reading, and please share your wild Lambeau Field experiences in the comments!

Storycatchers: A Movement Capturing the Fox Cities.

Do you recognize these lyrics? “Everyday when you’re walking down the street, everybody that you meet has an original point of view”. If you guessed the Arthur theme song, you deserve a pat on the back and high five! Yes, Arthur, the TV show. That is one of my favorite quotes because it reminds me that everyone in the world knows something that you don’t, everyone has a story to tell, and an original point of view to share. It is author, community organizer, and story catcher Tara Pohlkotte’s Job to help YOU find these stories.

“So what is Storycatchers?”

Storycatchers is a nonprofit, story telling initiative in the Fox Cities run by Tara Pohlkotte. The mission of Storycatchers is to create community with shared storytelling through different mediums like recordings, teaching workshops, and her free live storytelling events which have been packing venues all over the Fox Cities.

The live storytelling events are Tara’s most popular and well known ways of engaging the community. I like to describe it as an adult storytelling open mic in different unique locations, like cafes, the library, museum or on stage. People come to hear unexpected everyday people tell extraordinary stories about their lives. Tara focuses on the storytelling, with a minimalist setup including a microphone and a music stand.

Storycatchers event and minimalist stage setup.

Tara told me. “I wanted to explore the idea of why stories have stayed around for so long and why they are so important. We tend to think of stories as something elementary, something for kids…But why is that? [It was] Then I started understanding the human need for that connection.”

These stories are not the same as the bedtime stories for kids. They are unfiltered and uncensored stories about real life. Which isn’t exactly the same as “story time” for kids. At the beginning Tara struggled with parents bringing their children to the events, especially at her first event entitled “Stories of Youth.” Here the storytellers told stories from their past (stories that may not have been the most kid-friendly). The live events are designed for a mature audience, an outlet for people who want to be heard and tell their stories.

“People ask me, ‘Can I bring my 14 year old?’ And I say, ‘It depends what kind of parent you are…These aren’t fables being told, and they aren’t everyday stories.'”

As we age more people reserve stories for children, but Tara wants to reinvent the term storytelling, and treat it as the art that it really is. However, that doesn’t mean that children aren’t allowed. Tara recounts a time where her youngest storyteller, Jonathan a brave 11-year-old told the story of his struggles with being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and what that means to him at 11 years old. At that point Johnathan’s mother hadn’t told her family about Johnathan’s mental illness, but his bravery inspired her to share her own experiences battling mental illness in her life on the same stage. That event was a very powerful moment, and it accomplished Tara’s goal.

Storycatcher event.

“This is bigger than me or even the live events, this is about creating something for the community. It gives people of all ages and walks of life a chance to tell their stories.” Tara did have one last message for all of the story lovers in the Fox Cities.

“While the live events are entertaining and fun, we are just getting started unearthing the stories that we need to hear in our community… We are working on a project called ‘Voices from the Margins,’ where we are trying to identify underrepresented voice in the Fox Cities and I think our job is to hep them tell their own stories. Going and getting stories that may not come to us is what is really amazing. We may have to just sit and be quiet to listen to these stories and to find them, but they are more than worth the effort to find them.”

You can see Tara at her next 2 events, Storycatchers Live: Voices of Our Elder Caregiving Community on November 16th, and Storycatchers Live: Holidazed and Confused on December 8th. The events are free but donations are encouraged. Donations are vital for the nonprofit to keep thriving, so don’t hesitate to support the art!

Thank you for reading. Share this with that storyteller in your life! Maybe they’ll end up at the next event. RJ is a contributor writer at Venture Wisconsin. RJ is also a magician. Be sure to follow his Facebook page for his upcoming classes and events.


WI Pride! 9 Things Northeast Wisconsin does Better Than the Rest of the World

Aaron Rodgers number 1

When most of the world thinks about Wisconsin, often they don’t think about a world competitor with great local leadership and thriving communities. Most of the world thinks of cheese and cheese heads. Even if you asked our neighbors in the Midwest what Wisconsin was known for, they would likely take the Packers and cheese and add beer, Milwaukee, Madison, and a lot of lakes. Even though Northeast Wisconsin only has a regional population well under 2 million, they hold many unique titles, and many top ten spots in some unexpected lists.

Official Bests

Sheboygan Best Freshwater Surfing

Sheboygan claims the best freshwater surfing in the world. Called the Malibu of the Midwest, Sheboygan is best surfed from August to April when the water is freezing and wind blows between 20-25 miles per hour. Apparently Sheboygan has embraced freshwater surfing for over 50 years!

Home to the only NFL team owned by fans

Northeast Wisconsin hosts one of the most humble football programs in the NFL. Not only are the Green Bay Packers located in one of the smallest cities for a professional football team, but they are the only professional team in the country that is owned by its fans! Operating as a “publicly-owned non-profit,” the Packers sell stock to their fans, and consider themselves a “community project.” This type of mentality brings the Packers to often make decisions that are in the best interest of the community rather than profit.

This model is not even allowed to be adopted anymore. There was a rule written in the 60s that states that teams entering the NFL can not exceed 32 owners. Despite this model, the Packers are the 17th most valuable team in sports according to Forbes.

Fox River Flows North

Not exactly the world’s only, but the Fox River, much like the Nile in Egypt, flows opposite of neighboring rivers. Due to an elevation change, roughly the same as Niagara Falls, from Appleton to Green Bay, the Fox River Flows north into the Bay of Green Bay. Joining a list of a little over 30 rivers known for this behavior.

Fox River elevation profile. Credit: FoxLocks.org

UW Oshkosh Third Most Sustainable School in US

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (UWO) prides itself in sustainability. In 2015 UWO was rankest the third most sustainable school in the US by the Sierra Club. Beating schools like Colorado State, UC Sand Diego, and oh yeah… every other university except UC Davis and UC Irvine! UWO is part of a biodigester project that burns methane from food waste to provide 20% of the heat for its buildings. They also have cutting edge environmental programs, and hold the designation of a Tree Campus USA school.

EAA Airventure

Oshkosh, WI is home to, “the world’s largest and most significant annual aviation event.” The event quickly turns the humble Wittman Regional Airport into the busiest airport in the country, if you measure by flights per hour. The last event had approximately 590,000 attendees! Generating approximately $110,000,000 throughout Eastern Wisconsin communities. Money aside, a large number of aviation enthusiasts call Oshkosh home for a week each summer!

EAA Airshow. Credit AOPA.org

Most Lighthouses in any US County

Door County is not number one, but number three. They are behind Suffolk and Barnstable Counties, which are host to Long Island and Cape Cod respectively, Door County, WI has the third most lighthouses in any county. The county has 11 lighthouses in total, and there are many options to tour them all! Long Island has 15 and Cape Cod has 13.


Largest Cattail Marsh in the World

Northeast Wisconsin also is partial host of the world’s largest cattail marsh. Although closer to Southern Wisconsin, Horicon Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the world! Serving as one of the largest wetlands in the United States and critical home to Redhead Ducks.

Horicon Marsh
Horicon Marsh

Largest Lake in the State and the World

Lake Winnebago is located exclusively in Northeast Wisconsin, and is the largest lake in Wisconsin. Even more impressive to learn Wisconsin has lakes throughout the state, and that Winnebago is the 27th largest lake in the United States. Also interestingly enough, according to the University of Wisconsin, Lake Michigan and Huron are technically two halves of one lake. This makes Michigan-Huron the largest freshwater lake in the world. Although not exclusive to Northeast Wisconsin, the Door Peninsula, Bay of Green Bay, Rock Island, and Washington Island are very unique area and access points to the largest freshwater lake in the world, and that is pretty cool.

First House Powered by Hydroelectric Energy

Owned originally by a paper company entrepreneur, the first house to run off of a hydroelectric powered plant using the Edison System. Now called the Hearthstone House Museum in Appleton, WI. The Fox River and paper industry put Appleton in a position for success in the late 1800’s.


Self-Proclaimed Firsts

First Commercially Successful Electric Street Car Company

A list of street car companies lists Wisconsin Traction Light Heat & Power as beginning operation in 1886 in Appleton Wisconsin. We found claim that this company was the first commercially successful electric street car company in America.

First Enclosed Mall in America

Appleton used to be home to the Valley Fair Shopping Center. Built in 1954 and enclosed sometime after that. The center laid claim to have been the first enclosed shopping mall in America. Although this claim has been disputed.

First State to Recycle Paper in 1860s

Another broad claim that we could not back up with our resources, but would be interesting, and falls in line with Northeast Wisconsin’s impressive paper history.

First Hamburger

Seymour Wisconsin claims to be the official “Home of the Hamburger.” Even owning the domain homeofthehamburger.org, and backed up by legislation by the state of Wisconsin. This is also claimed by White Castle and New Haven, Connecticut among others. Here is a list of others that claim to have invented the hamburger.


Welcome to Seymour sign
Seymour, WI

Northeast Wisconsin has one of the world’s most unique sports franchises, many unique natural occurrences, rich history, and strong local traditions. In a region with less than two million people, we also are home to a handful of world renowned companies like Kohler, including Fortune 500 companies Kimberly-Clark and Oshkosh Corp, and a handful of Fortune 1000 companies like Plexus, Bemis, and Manitowoc. Northeast Wisconsin citizens no doubt take pride in their region!

At Venture Wisconsin, we categorizes Northeast Wisconsin from Sheboygan to Waupon to Ripon to Waupaca to Green Bay to the tip of the Door Peninsula and back to Sheboygan. If you liked this post, share it and tag a friend that would enjoy it. Thanks for reading and if we missed any Northeast Wisconsin bests, let us know in the comments.


16 Ways to Enjoy Northeast Wisconsin Before Winter Arrives

Fall colors in Wisconsin

Even though the Earth is warmer and summer hasn’t seemed to end yet in Wisconsin, we are still nearing our dreaded “Wisconsin Winter.” If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a second home and seasonal work, chances are you will be joining Wisconsin for its annual six month frozen rain festival! But hey, as long as things go somewhat normal, we have two good months of fall before the frost comes. In order for you to thoroughly enjoy this autumn, we took the time at Venture Wisconsin to find you a BUNCH of things to do this fall!

1. Door County Trolley Tours

From now until the end of November, Door County Trolley Tours are running! Check their website for tours that include a lighthouse tour, haunted pub crawl, wine tour, bloody mary and and brunch tour, and more!

Ephraim Hill. Credit: Door County Trolley Tours.


2. Windigo Fest in Manitowoc

The first ever Windigo Fest in Manitowoc on October 6th and 7th was developed for the Halloween inclined. There will be a parade, dark arts performances, and music from a few groups including The Bad Piper who was a finalist in Australia’s Got Talent. Definitely worth it to see the first ever!

3. Green Bay Packer’s Spooktacular

A free event starting at 9am on October 7th at Lambeau Field. Expect a whole line up of entertainment. Bring your coats for the nonprofit Coats for Kids program.

4. Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor

October 7th and 8th in Egg Harbor starts at 10am both days and is packed full of crafts, kids activities, live music, carnival rides, and food! Enjoy the fall colors next weekend, and did we mention admission is free?

5. Visit Burial Chambers in Neenah

An award winning haunted house complex, Burial Chambers is for sure something to check out this fall. They event provide free ponchos if it rains, so there is really no excuse.

6. Fall Fest in Sister Bay

Enjoy the beauty of Door County in the peak of fall with the 72nd annual Fall Fest. October 13-15 includes food, live entertainment, classic car show, and more. Check out their link for the full line up.

Fall Fest Sister Bay
Fall Fest Sister Bay. Credit: DoorCounty.net


7. Halloween Candlelight Cave Tours

On October 20th and 21st you can head to your local cave (in Chilton, who knew?) and partake in the “Halloween Candlelight Cave Tours!” Say that as fast as you can three times, and it might sound something like this. The event is at the Ledge View Nature Center in Chilton.

8. Be Spooked at Terror on the Fox in Green Bay

Terror on the Fox is a world class haunted attraction in Green Bay. They have been terrifying Wisconsinites for over 20 years! If you are looking for something fun to do before the snow hits us, then look no further.

9. Fright Night in Greenville

Fright night is going on its 20th year, and includes hay rides, a haunted pavilion (basically a smaller haunted house), and a bonfire. This event is five separate days, October 20, 21, 26, 27, 28.

10. Do a Corn Maze or Pick a Pumpkin!

Being an area with an abundance of agriculture and fall spirit, Northeast Wisconsin has many traditional fun things to do in the fall like corn mazes, gourd painting, pumpkin picking, and more. Click the link to find a great list of local farms that have all of the above.

11. Romp in the Swamp in Appleton

The 24th annual event takes place at Bubolz Nature Preserve in Appleton on October 21st. This outdoor event supports nature conservation and education and includes tractor hay rides, trick or treat trail, and a bonfire with s’mores!


12. Costumes and Cocktails Cruise in Green Lake

On October 28th you can explore beautiful Green Lake with this boat tour! For $25 you can go out on a tour of Green Lake with the Heidel House Resort. See the fall colors, enjoy the drinks and company!

Green Lake. Photo Credit: Heidel House

13. Enjoy the Fall Colors

Wisconsin has many trees and thus, great fall colors. As for where to enjoy the colors, start with the Fox River Trail; Washington Island; and lookout towers at High Cliff, Pottawatomie, and Parnell Tower at Kettle Moraine State Forrest. Door county is known locally for their fall colors, so that is a good place to start if you can swing it.

14. Jack O’ Lantern Days in Fish Creek

A community festival that claims to put the “eeek” in Fish Creek on October 28-30! A festival full of pumpkin carving, costume parties, and trick or treating. To top it all off there is a Halloween parade!

15. More Candlelight Hikes in Navarino

At the Navarino Nature center you can enjoy a mile long looped night hike via candle light. Enjoy a new experience on Saturday Oct 28th or Nov 4th!

16. Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot is put on every year by Festival Foods right before Thanksgiving. This year there are 10 race locations, 5 of them being in Northeast Wisconsin communities. The Trot is a 5 mile run, 2 mile walk, or 2 mile dog jog.

Here is a good starting list. Write some of them down, put them in your calendar, or tag your friends so that you get out and do some of these. There are tons of events and things to do that we missed, but when you aren’t watching the Packer’s play, this list is a good starting spot for fall activities! Thanks for reading and enjoy the season.